• BMCB Bank was formed in 1995 by Founder Chairman CA Mahendra Morabia and it is a pioneer in introducing many innovative concepts in banking for the first time in Gujarat state. The Bank obtained the historic status of Multi-State Co-op. Bank on 21-03-2022 under CRCS New Delhi.


  • Inter branch connectivity in 1997,


  • ATM in 1999,


  • Tele banking in 1996,


  • Internet Banking in 2000,


  • 24X7 365 days non-stop complete Banking in 2003,


  • The bank has won No.1 best performing bank of the country award in 2009 by Hon. Judge Shri P. Dalgado, CGM, RBI (UBD) Retd.


  • Net NPAs of the bank is 0.0% since inception.


  • The bank has outstanding goodwill amongst the customers at all its centers.


  • Our Bank is actively involved in the promotion of financial inclusion and Digitalization concept of Govt of Gujarat headed by Hon. P.M. Mr. Narendra Modi.


  • The present center’s where bank’s branches are located support potentially  for entering and developing banking business as in this locality commercial, trading, textile, transport, marketing units are functioning and hence the bank caters to the varied category of customers.


  • Bank prioritizes its focus to small and marginal agriculturists for agro-businesses and to small individual borrowers and small and marginal customer’s helps to upgrade them to the modern digitalization methods.



Customer Service and Quality.


  • At present we are serving our valuable customers through branch network of 10 branches in different districts Gujarat and Maharashtra State. 


  • We always strive to provide better customer services to all our customers as well as to attract new customers who have to rush far from their place to avail our services.


  • We are known for Charge-less Banking Services in the eyes of our Customers and Stakeholders. Even though, the Profit and Net-Worth of the Bank is always high in the eyes of our Customers and Stakeholders.


  • Bank provides excellent Social services to its customers. We are known for our superior services and as a result we optimistically get excellent responses from the society.



Internal Control and Audit


  • At present the bank has 10 branches and internal control has been unproblematic.


  • Audit and inspections are carried out continuously by Concurrent Auditors & Statutory Auditors.


  • System of internal inspection, concurrent audit and surprised visits of branches are very strong.


  • We have standardized systems & procedures for our all branches.


  • Effective follow up and compliance are also carried out within stipulated time by employees.


  • All the branch operations are properly scrutinized on ongoing bases.



Housekeeping and Reconciliation

  • We have framed policy for each department and the same are adhered to strictly by simplified procedures.


  • Due to above, we are able to maintain uniformity among the branches in matters like acceptance of deposits, sanctioning of loans, stationary, administration, etc to name a few.


  • Branches have their accounts with other private and nationalized banks in their respective cities and so branches carry out continuous reconciliation work without any hindrance.


  • The bank has computerized inter-branch reconciliation system through its CBS where balances are tallied automatically every day.


  • Interbank reconciliation is carried out on continuous basis.



Operational and HR Areas.


  • At present we carry out the day to day transactions very smoothly taking utmost care.


  • We lay maximum emphasis on quality of work and service.


  • Day closing activity is performed everyday only after reconciling balances of each department with general ledger.


  • Operational risk is minimized by strict adherence to given system and procedures.


  • Continuous observations and follow up are taken by staff to avoid operational risks.


  • System of maker checker exists in every branch to prevent operational risks.


  • The same procedures will be executed in proposed branches.


  • Professionalism and dedication of employees are significant contributor of bank’s growth.


  • Bank has professional recruitment policy. Bank has recruited CA and MBAs from local areas for better development of branches.


  • Performance based promotion system at bank encourage existing employees to take up new responsibilities with zeal.


  • Efficient workforce of the bank has created sufficient platform for bank to adapt any innovations and expansion plans in bank.



Training Programmes


  • Various Training programs organized by GUCBF, NAFCUB, NCCE, CBRDE, AMA, INIFD, NPCI etc are attended by our managerial staff as per importance, necessity and Content.


  • Proper and adequate on the job training is always provided to new employees for smooth functioning.


  • Generally, new staff has been trained at existing branches to make them familiar with prevailing systems and procedures at bank.